Digicel Jamaica Foundation Uplifts Bethlehem Home

The logo of the Digicel Jamaica Foundation, an advocate for those with special needs and disabilities

Bethlehem Home on High Holborn Street in downtown Kingston is a safe haven for people with special needs and disabilities in the Jamaican community. It provides housing, shelter, therapy and educational services to more than 60 residents. Bethlehem Home is overseen by Missionaries of the Poor, a Roman Catholic institution with over 600 members that […]

Digicel Jamaica Foundation Sponsor Special Olympics Jamaica’s  Training Facility Refurbishment to Support Athletes

The Digicel Jamaica Foundation supports Special Olympics Jamaica athletes

The Digicel Jamaica Foundation has been a supporter of Special Olympics Jamaica (SOJ) for over 20 years. As part of this partnership, the foundation completed refurbishments of the SOJ multipurpose facility in Independence Park to support athletes and their preparations for upcoming competitions. The Special Olympics offers year-round sports training and competitions for people with […]

Digicel Jamaica Foundation Holds Workplace Inclusivity Conference For Better Inclusion of Disabled Workers

Digicel Jamaica Foundation Employees At Work

The Digicel Jamaica Foundation’s conference on ‘Overcoming Challenges to Workplace Inclusivity’ facilitated conversations on the importance of inclusion for disabled persons in the workplace. A panel of local and international advocates led the conference alongside host Dr Terri-Karelle Reid where discussion focused on how legislation, technological developments and mindset shifts will be imperative to bridging […]

Special Olympics Jamaica Sports Facility To Be Refurbished Thanks to Digicel Foundation

Special Olympics and Digicel

Special Olympics Jamaica Sports Facility To Be Refurbished Thanks to Digicel Foundation Founded in 1978, the Special Olympics Jamaica has over 4,000 registered athletes and unified partners. The organisation’s core mission is to provide year-round training and competition to youth and adult athletes with intellectual disabilities. Unfortunately, deterioration at the main sports facility in Jamaica […]

The Digicel Foundation Supports Autistic Society of Trinidad and Tobago

Digicel foundation presenting grant information to the Autistic Society of Trinidad and Tobago

Across the globe, lives have been disrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While disruptions in routine can be difficult for everyone, they can be especially difficult for those with autism spectrum disorders. According to research, persons with autism spectrum disorders thrive on routine. To make the adjustment to the unpredictable pandemic lifestyle more comfortable for […]

Digicel Group Makes Valuable 500 Commitment to People with Disabilities

The logo of the Valuable 500, a global movement for disability inclusion that Digicel joined in May 2021

On 17 May 2021, Denis O’Brien signed The Valuable 500 Commitment, bringing Digicel Group into the forefront of this important, global-reaching disability inclusion movement. The Valuable 500 is an inclusion movement aimed at making ability a key business leadership agenda and celebrating leaders and organizations that make this their priority. The ‘500’ in The Valuable […]