Digicel Jamaica Foundation Holds Workplace Inclusivity Conference For Better Inclusion of Disabled Workers

Digicel Jamaica Foundation Employees At Work
The Digicel Jamaica Foundation’s conference on ‘Overcoming Challenges to Workplace Inclusivity’ facilitated conversations on the importance of inclusion for disabled persons in the workplace. A panel of local and international advocates led the conference alongside host Dr Terri-Karelle Reid where discussion focused on how legislation, technological developments and mindset shifts will be imperative to bridging the employment gap for disabled persons. Among the panel of advocates was Digicel Jamaica Foundation CEO, Charmaine Daniels.

Digicel has led the way towards better workplace inclusivity and has six special needs employees at our global headquarters and many more employed across the company. Furthermore, Digicel aims to set an example for other major corporations. Daniels spoke on Digicel’s stance as an inclusive employer ahead of the enactment of the 2014 Disabilities Act, “As we prepare for the roll-out of the Disabilities Act, we too are looking at how we can make our physical space more accessible. We did a lot of work to make the [Colm] Delves Building accessible for those with physical disabilities, but there’s more we can do, especially for the blind. We are also using our platform to advocate for inclusivity and calling on the private sector to join us. Together we can be the change needed to usher in a new era of inclusivity.”