The logo of the Valuable 500, a global movement for disability inclusion that Digicel joined in May 2021

Digicel Group Makes Valuable 500 Commitment to People with Disabilities

On 17 May 2021, Denis O’Brien signed The Valuable 500 Commitment, bringing Digicel Group into the forefront of this important, global-reaching disability inclusion movement.

The Valuable 500 is an inclusion movement aimed at making ability a key business leadership agenda and celebrating leaders and organizations that make this their priority. The ‘500’ in The Valuable 500 refers to the goal of getting 500 of the world’s top business leaders and their companies signed on and committed to fostering systemic change for people with disabilities. The movement aims to reveal the economic, social and business value of people with disabilities by supporting special needs children and making rewarding careers accessible to adults with disabilities.

O’Brien and Digicel Group’s commitment for 2021 includes putting disability inclusion on Digicel’s senior leadership agenda, making one or more action commitments and sharing this commitment with the world.

The logo of the Valuable 500, a global movement for disability inclusion that Digicel joined in May 2021
In the long-term, O’Brien’s Valuable 500 Commitment entails three core initiatives:

  1. Build capacity and opportunities for children with special needs through the establishment of special needs centres of excellence, special needs education programmes and specialist teacher training.
  2. Provide employment opportunities, an accessible workplace and inclusive workplace policies for people with disabilities.
  3. Advocate for and drive acceptance of people with disabilities through education and awareness programmes, partnerships and multi-stakeholder engagement.

Speaking about his recent Valuable 500 Commitment, O’Brien commented, “Digicel’s work to help to create a world where no one gets left behind is an intrinsic part of who we are as a company. We’re proud to be a part of the Valuable 500 and part of a movement that is working to put disability on the business leadership agenda.”