Train The Trainers Empowers Educators Taking Part In The Coding in Schools Programme

A teacher assists students in the classroom
Educators from the Coding in Schools Programme, co-sponsored by the Digicel Jamaica Foundation, received training as part of the “Train the Trainers” programme to enhance their digital literacy while also imparting skills to better teach this digital curriculum. This impacts 940 educators of grade one to grade nine students across Jamaica. Train the Trainers aims to improve the learning experiences for both students and teachers. The six-week programme will also provide educators with instruction manuals and data and resource materials they can use for their teachings.
Train the Trainers contributes to the greater goal of the Coding in Schools Programme– advancing Jamaica’s digital society. By enhancing the skills of local educators, the programme will be better equipped to maintain its sustainability and continuity for years to come.
Ruchita Tripathi, technical coordinator for Amber Academy, spoke on the impact of Train the Trainers, “This is being done so that we have our own cadre of trainers so that we don’t have to outsource trainers from somewhere else…We train the teachers in the basics of coding, like how to do logical thinking, write a short programme and then those teachers in turn, when they go to the schools in September can teach the students.”