The Digicel Jamaica Foundation Partnered With Local Organisations To Roll Out the Hotspot Corner Shop Internet Connectivity Fund

Digicel Jamaica Foundation partnership brings internet connectivity to students across Jamaica
Even two years after COVID-19 hit Jamaica, students across the country continue to be impacted by the closure of physical schools and the shift towards remote learning. While this has kept students and families safe, remote student learning has highlighted the need for internet access and appropriate learning devices.
To address the issue of internet connectivity, The Digicel Jamaica Foundation joined the Seprod Foundation to partner with the Jamaica Diaspora Northeast USA to organise and roll out the Hotspot Corner Shop Internet Connectivity Fund. This fund provides children and youth with internet solutions to enable sustainable remote learning and educational equity.
Digicel Jamaica Foundation CEO, Charmaine Daniels, emphasized how the foundation is committed to making learning accessible to all students saying, “We identified early on in the pandemic that connectivity would be a major issue for many students across the island. We’ve donated over 2,000 tablets, SIM cards and data plans, but we can’t stop there. Our students need our continuous support to stay connected. Partnerships like the Hotspot Corner Shop are bringing the technology where it is most needed; this is a real investment in real communities to help create a world where no one is left behind.”
Most recently, the Hotspot Corner Shop Internet Connectivity Fund has garnered additional donations and has established free WiFi access at Duhaney Park.