Digicel Foundation helps build handwashing stations in Jamaica childcare facilities

Handwashing Stations Installed in Childcare Facilities Thanks to Digicel Foundation and CPFSA

As the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the globe, health experts strongly advised people to wash their hands to help prevent the virus from spreading. However, for the 3 million people globally who lack adequate handwashing facilities, this simple preventative measure became out of reach. According to the report, the situation is most alarming at schools, as 43 percent of schools globally lack a handwashing facility with water and soap. Luckily, the situation in Jamaica is not as dire, as the UN reports that 95 percent of schools in Jamaica have basic sanitation services.

In an effort to ensure that all children in Jamaica have access to proper handwashing facilities, Denis O’Brien and the Digicel Jamaica Foundation partnered with the Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA). In May of 2021, CPFSA signed an agreement with Digicel Foundation to build handwashing stations in ten childcare facilities across the island.

Digicel Foundation CEO Charmaine Daniels noted that the non-profit has been working to put children first throughout the pandemic. Daniels stated, “Our children have been greatly impacted by COVID and we have to do everything to create a sense of normalcy for them while ensuring their safety. That’s why we’ve partnered with the CPFSA to provide continued support.”

In addition to building these new handwashing facilities, the Digicel Foundation has also invested over $100 million into COVID-19 recovery efforts in Jamaica. Part of their recovery efforts included donations of food and sanitation supplies to the CPFSA.