Digicel’s 7,000 Employees Celebrate Global Customer Day

On 12 May 2021, Digicel Group launched a likely industry-first ‘Customer Day’ across the entire organisation, which aimed to put the “Us in Customer.” The event saw Digicel’s 7,000 employees across 32 countries participate. Customer Day paired up non-customer-facing team members with customer-facing team members to directly serve customers. This gave internal employees a great opportunity to learn from public-facing employees while gaining exposure to customers and their unique needs. The event fostered a better understanding of the customer and what it takes to make them happy, as well as a chance for learning and teamwork among the Digicel team.

Digicel’s 3,500 non-customer-facing team members paired up in a wide variety of different jobs. Some joined with a customer care agent, taking calls and web chats from customers, while others even suited up and entered the field with Digicel+ technical teams. It also included in-store roles and more. Regardless of the pairing, the entire Digicel family walked away with a new perspective as well as some meaningful, customer-focused face time.

Digicel Group CEO Oliver Coughlan said, “Truth be told, without our customers we don’t have a business. We take that responsibility to serve them very seriously, and we always want to do better and be better for them. So our Customer Day was a chance to walk in the shoes of our amazing customer-facing employees, learn from them and from our customers—and thank them.”

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Now Customer Day may become a tradition for Digicel. Coughlin commented, “This was all about putting the ‘US’ in customer and I could not be more proud and thrilled at how our 7,000 people worldwide responded to the challenge. The energy and enthusiasm from our people and our customers was sky high, and it was such a success that we will be making it a regular thing.”