Digicel Jamaica Foundation Funds Smart Computer Lab For Harry Watch Primary School

Digicel Foundation CEO Charmaine Daniels meets with education officials
Harry Watch Primary School will be outfitted with a Smart Computer Lab thanks to a US$55,000 donation from the Digicel Jamaica Foundation. The new computer lab will be equipped with 12 laptops and tablets, a printer and a MimioTeach Interactive Whiteboard. This technology will provide students access to a structured learning environment in which they will receive an education in information and communications technology (ICT) to better prepare them for a digital future.
The Digicel Jamaica Foundation was commended for its efforts towards improving access to education and connectivity by the Ministry of Education and Youth. Charmaine Daniels, CEO of the Digicel Foundation, stated that the Foundation will work with the Ministry to target other rural primary schools over the next three years by implementing similar smart facilities.
Harry Watch Primary School is located in rural Manchester and is an area where most of the students do not have internet connectivity. Through this project, students will receive devices to students while also providing them and the community with internet access.