Digicel Jamaica Announces Partnership with HEART/NSTA Trust to Usher In a New Era of Digital Skills

The HEART/NSTA logo and the organisation who has partnered with Digicel
Digicel Jamaica and HEART/ NSTA Trust have entered a partnership to collaborate on improving the digital competencies of the Jamaican workforce. Digicel is Jamaica’s primary telecommunications provider and HEART/ NSTA Trust serves as the nation’s leading provider of technical vocational education and training. The memorandum of understanding (MOU) outlining this partnership marks the beginning of a new era in advancing digital skills training and knowledge in Jamaica.
Under this three year agreement, HEART will offer upskilling and certification through training programmes for as many as 2,000 Digicel employees. In turn, Digicel will be at the forefront of designing training modules and will assist with preparing HEART trainees for this transition. The programme aims to foster digital industry knowledge while providing internship opportunities for trainees and employees from both Digicel and HEART.
Digicel Jamaica CEO, Jabbor Kayumov, welcomed the partnership, “The future of work is digital, and today we’re very excited about the additional possibilities that this MOU will deliver for our employees to upgrade their technical know-how. Digital skills training is part of our long-term strategy to attract and retain the finest talent and contribute to building the knowledge economy. Therefore, this partnership is very important to bringing us closer to that reality.”
Digicel and HEART/ NSTA Trust will serve key roles in the development of Jamaica’s digital knowledge. This partnership is sure to signal a boost in human capital development and the country’s economic viability.