Digicel Group Institutes Graduate Programme

digicel graduate programme
Digicel launched the Digicel Graduate Programme to nurture talent and develop the careers of tertiary graduates around the globe. Under this two-year programme, candidates gain unique opportunities to expand their knowledge through real-world, on the job experiences.
Participants work in Digicel markets alongside company experts to develop digital mindsets, enhance business acumen and hone their leadership skills. The programme provides participants with access to networking activities and professional courses, as well as mentorship opportunities and career development guidance.
Digicel Group CEO, Oliver Coughlan, spoke on the programme’s launch stating, “Digicel is such a unique place, and the people who thrive here go on to lead in Digicel markets and other top companies across the globe, especially in the world of digital and telecoms. This is what we like to call the Digicel DNA, and through this programme, we plan to hone this quality in our new graduates.”