Digicel volunteers provide essential supplies to residents of St Vincent & the Grenadines after volcano eruption

Digicel Group Donates US$500,000 for St Vincent Volcano Recovery

When the La Soufrière volcano in St Vincent & the Grenadines erupted on Saturday the 10th of April, the ash falls, damage and displacement took a major toll in St Vincent. People are still without necessities like access to water, COVID-19 supplies and many find themselves in shelters. There are also long-term risks like crop destruction and economic instability to contend with.

Thousands of residents of the red zone had to be evacuated with little warning due to the sudden eruption, which exacerbated the crisis. The road to recovery after such an event is long and perilous.

As a partner with the people of St Vincent & the Grenadines, Digicel Group has announced a US$500,000 donation for vital supplies to support relief efforts. In addition, Digicel is working with the government to identify relief needs, secure and distribute supplies and more as part of the National Emergency Management Organisation response.

Digicel Group Chairman, Denis O’Brien, said, “With our priorities being helping to keep people safe and keeping them connected, it’s at times like these that our natural instinct is to want to do everything we can to help. As a company, as a team and as the Digicel family, we are here for the people of St Vincent & the Grenadines and ready to help in a meaningful way.”

Fanta Williams, CEO of Digicel St Vincent & the Grenadines, deployed Digicel’s Business Continuity Management to impacted communities. Digicel Group is working to ensure connection and important communications infrastructure is there to meet the needs of residents as well as those impacted in the surrounding region.

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