Digicel Foundation Donates US$1 Million For COVID-19 Vaccines in Jamaica

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Denis O’Brien and the Digicel Foundation are working to get life in Jamaica back to normal. In April 2021, the Foundation made a US$1 million donation to Jamaica’s Nation Health Fund (NHF). This NHF cash infusion will be used by the Jamaican government to purchase vital COVID-19 vaccines to continue mass vaccination efforts. Jamaica’s fight against COVID-19 is ongoing, with millions of residents still needing vaccines. This effort by the Digicel Foundation will help meet these needs while supporting Jamaica’s return to normalcy.

In November 2020, Digicel Foundation rolled out Operation SAFE Mode, a programme to sanitise, advocate, feed and enable distance learning across the country. Operation SAFE Mode coincided with major Foundation donations totaling US$665,000 to date. Now, stepping up once again, Digicel Foundation and O’Brien are donating an additional US$1 million to continue on the path to pandemic recovery.

Dr. Christopher Tufton, Jamaica’s Minister of Health and Wellness said, “The Ministry of Health and Wellness is grateful for the continued support and partnership with Digicel, which has been a long-standing corporate citizen.”

Denis O’Brien, Digicel Foundation’s patron, also commented on the vaccine funds, “We are proud to do our part to assist the Government’s efforts in encouraging everyone to get vaccinated and look forward to the day when everyone can come back together with family and friends.”

CEO of the Digicel Foundation, Charmaine Daniels affirmed the Foundation’s commitment to COVID-19 response and relief, saying, “We always want to go above and beyond to help create a world where no one gets left behind and that starts by ensuring that every Jamaican has access to the resources needed to survive this pandemic. With the wellbeing of our people being the top priority, we are committed to working with the Government of Jamaica to beat this virus.”