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“Digicel Foundation Community Footprints” TV Show Airs

As of 25 February 2021, the Digicel Foundation has launched its TV show on Catch 2. It’s called “The Digicel Foundation Community Footprints” and it highlights the work done by the Foundation across Papua New Guinea, Jamaica, Haiti and Trinidad and Tobago.

Every month the show will provide an inside look at these communities and the sustainable projects Digicel Foundation is undertaking. It will also show the variety of partnerships the Foundation has built, and some of the impact that past, long-term initiatives and projects have created. It’s not just a great way to learn about the Digicel Foundation, it’s also a rare opportunity to hear community voices.

“The Digicel Foundation Community Footprints” is hosted by media personality and singer/songwriter Ariella Alexa, who has embraced the role and the important social impact of Digicel Foundation projects across many underserved communities.

Digicel Foundation Community Footprints logo

Since its inception, the Digicel Foundation has implemented over 2,600 projects and invested US$156 million, which has helped millions of people across the regions the Foundation serves. The projects include school construction, community development, health, education, inclusion, special needs community initiatives and more.

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