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Digicel Fiji Donates Medical Supplies to National Disaster Management Office to Aid in Fight Against COVID

Active COVID numbers continue to rise in Fiji. To aid in the effort of stopping the spread of the virus, Digicel has donated 10,000 surgical masks and thermal temperature guns to the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) community outreach programme. The NDMO’s outreach programme supports vulnerable communities in helping them combat COVID.

Digicel hopes to set an example for the nation and encourage the Fijians to work together to fight COVID through its pledge “All in for A Safer Fiji.” More specifically this pledge is a call for improving vaccine awareness and providing much needed support and services in order to work ‘Better Together With Everybody All In’. Digicel itself strongly encourages its staff to get vaccinated.

Farid Mohammed, Digicel Fiji CEO, stated; “We are all in for supporting communities and are fully committed to providing support and assistance to those most vulnerable to the spread of COVID-19. We want to provide as much support as we can to help contain and stop the spread of this virus.”

Digicel is committed to upholding its pledge and will continue to provide the services and support needed to assist Fijians. Digicel urges the nation to conform to government COVID safety measures to contain and stop the virus spread.

Digicel Fiji