Digicel Business and Symptai Consulting Partner to Host A Cybersecurity Workshop

Darragh Fitzgerald Selby, general manager of Digicel Business, speaks at cybersecurity workshop
Digicel Business held a cybersecurity workshop in partnership with Symptai Consulting to address major challenges, particularly with cyber threats, that have arisen during the pandemic. The workshop also highlighted findings from a Digicel Business Digital Transformation Study which identified increasing concerns regarding electronic threats and breaches.
Leaders from both Digicel Business and Symptai Consulting, as well as speakers from other organisations, gave talks at the workshop. General Manager of Digicel Business, Darragh Fitzgerald Selby, discussed the importance of businesses investing in sophisticated data and information protection technology as company data is a precious yet vulnerable asset. Fitzgerald Selby spoke to CEOs and senior Information Technology (IT) managers about the newfound threats, “Never before have we seen the threats so great and so deeply threatening to the viability of businesses of all sizes. This existential threat –disruptive by its very nature– is redefining the way we now rank cybersecurity as a fundamental expenditure item or a strategic imperative.”
In speaking to the wider business community, Symptai CEO Marlon Cooper encouraged decision-makers to examine their people, processes and technology to ensure a holistic cybersecurity strategy. Cooper stated, “With everything going digital, it widens the threat landscape for persons with malicious intent. Statistics show that 60% of small businesses do survive a cyberattack. This is why it is important for businesses to build cyber into their business continuity strategy.”