EPIC Grant Supports Sustainable Agriculture and Young Farmers in Tobago

Digicel Trinidad and Tobago Foundation funds hydroponics greenhouse

The Digicel Trinidad and Tobago Foundation continues to invest in initiatives that promote agricultural sustainability, economic growth and entrepreneurship in Trinidad and Tobago. Early this year, the Roxborough Police Youth Club received a grant from the Foundation’s EPIC (Extraordinary Projects Impacting Communities) programme to upgrade its hydroponics greenhouse farm in Tobago. The greenhouse supplies fresh […]

Digicel Jamaica Foundation Helps Suga Knockout Boxing Gym With Multi-Phase Renovation

Suga Knockout Boxing Gym

After changing locations, coping with training equipment shortages and battling medical supply gaps, the Suga Knockout Boxing Gym at The Olympic Gardens Football Club in Kingston, Jamaica, has received upgrades that will allow it to continue serving young boxers in the community. The gym was founded in 2008 by Lindel “Suga” Wallace, a professional boxer […]

Digicel Jamaica Foundation Supports Lucea Infant School Renovation

Students and staff at the Lucea Infant School

After six long months, the first Hanover-based project between the Digicel Jamaica Foundation and the Early Childhood Commission (ECC) was completed. The Lucea Infant School is just one of seven project collaborations between the two organisations. In the last five years, the Digicel Jamaica Foundation has contributed J$127.3 million to school renovations and partnered with […]

Digicel Trinidad and Tobago Foundation Supports Local Senior Home Through EPIC Grant

Reigning Miss Trinidad and Tobago, Jeanine Brandt, expresses her gratitude for the Digicel TT Foundation project

The St Vincent de Paul home for senior citizens received a TT$30,000 EPIC grant from the Digicel Trinidad and Tobago Foundation to fund the installation of a hydroponics system. The grant was won by the applicant and reigning Miss Trinidad and Tobago, Jeanine Brandt. Together, Ms Brandt, her Brandt Beauty Foundation, and the Digicel Trinidad […]

Digicel Trinidad and Tobago Foundation and Ministry of Sport and Community Development Partner on Internet Cafe Project

A woman sits at a computer in the Perseverance Village Internet Cafe

The Digicel Trinidad and Tobago Foundation and the Ministry of Sport and Community Development launched the Perseverance Village, Chaguanas Community Internet Café. The internet café is accessible to community members at the St James de Just Spiritual Baptist Church. Digicel also committed to providing the internet cafe with 12 months of free high-speed internet broadband […]

Digicel Trinidad & Tobago Foundation Refurbished Nelson Mandela Park Facilities In Partnership With The Port of Spain City Corporation

Digicel Trinidad and Tobago Foundation CEO Penny Gomez tries out the Nelson Mandela Park’s new exercise equipment

The Digicel Trinidad and Tobago Foundation partnered with the Port of Spain City Corporation to update the Nelson Mandela Play and Fitness Zone. Previously, the Foundation contributed over one million dollars to supply the Park with exercise equipment. The organisation contributed another TTD$130,000 for recent refurbishments, which included installing new equipment. Penny Gomez, CEO of […]

The Digicel Jamaica Foundation Partnered With Local Organisations To Roll Out the Hotspot Corner Shop Internet Connectivity Fund

Digicel Jamaica Foundation partnership brings internet connectivity to students across Jamaica

Even two years after COVID-19 hit Jamaica, students across the country continue to be impacted by the closure of physical schools and the shift towards remote learning. While this has kept students and families safe, remote student learning has highlighted the need for internet access and appropriate learning devices.To address the issue of internet connectivity, […]

Digicel TT Foundation Donations Assist With Court Shamrock Centre Refurbishments

Digicel TT Foundation celebrates completed refurbishments at the Court Shamrock Centre

Court Shamrock Centre for the Socially Displaced has completed refurbishments of its night shelter thanks to contributions from the Digicel Trinidad and Tobago Foundation. Court Shamrock Centre is a non-profit, male-only shelter that serves as home to several men in the area. The now completed refurbishments included replacement of the roof, construction of a wall, […]

Digicel Trinidad and Tobago Foundation’s EPIC Funding Donates TT$35,000 to Together WI’s ‘Spool’ Project

Digicel TT Foundation Accountant, Misha Jackman, assists Together WI Manager, Anya Ayong-Chee, set-up sewing machine

Together WI’s ‘Spool’ project received a TT$35,000 grant through the Digicel Trinidad and Tobago Foundation’s EPIC funding programme. The grant will also benefit Living Water Community. The EPIC grant will facilitate the purchase of two pods which includes commercial sewing equipment and essential materials needed in the garment industry.Together WI is a non-profit that is […]